Church of s. Anthony built from frei DanielFREI DANIEL:

    Let us go back to Colonia do Prata where life goes on in a somewhat acceptable peace, although threats and rebellions seem to increase, especially after the carnage of Alto Alegre. Frei Daniel, who is now the Prior and the Administrator, seems to be guided by miraculous foresight to perform incredible feats of efficiency to help the Indios and the inhabitants of the Colonia. This young Capuchin is overwhelmed with paperwork and financial difficulties, has to deal with missing payments of the Government that does not keep its promises, and the legitimate complaints of the workers who demand their due. Yet, what this young and restless friar accomplishes for the sake of their souls and in order to improve their living conditions is incredible.

Frei Daniel, first to left, and the musical gang of the colony
    Frei Daniel succeeds in all his endeavors with great humility and uncommon patience.
    He is able to obtain funds for modern technology to reach into the deep forest, such as a railroad with some twelve miles of rails over embankments and bridges, and the telephone. He even succeeds in erecting, into those clear skies, two beautiful churches: St. Anthony's, a spacious architectural marvel with its own bell tower, and St. Isidore's, a real jewel among the fields where the forest had been cleared. His life is ebullient with the fervor of initiatives, but deep down there is that gnawing feeling caused by strange pains that would not go away. He suspects, he doubts, but he continues to work without sparing himself, and is ready to accept God's will. Doctors suggest various remedies in the attempt to conquer, or at least to slow down, a disease which they do not want to openly name. His superiors, following the advice of the doctors, send him back to Italy and on August 5, 1909, Frei Daniel embarks on a ship that is headed for Portugal. Once there, he reaches Lourdes by train.